Friday, January 4, 2008

hata intervention hawataki

The Attorney General has called for an independent team to tally the presidential votes afresh and end post-election violence.
Mr Amos Wako said in a statement: "It is necessary, and I agree with the Catholic bishops and others, that a proper tally of the valid certificates returned and confirmed should be undertaken immediately and on a priority basis by an agreed and independent person or body."
Wako also suggested the formation of a government of all parliamentary political parties to end the national crisis.
He, however, noted that only an election court could nullify the election if a petition was filed because President Kibaki had been declared elected.
Wako said forms 16 and 16A are documents that can be made available for inspection by wananchi, adding that this could be done without a court order or election petition filed.
"Such an exercise will go a long way in assuaging people’s inflamed passions," he said.
Wako said this would help mediation, negotiations or constructive dialogue aimed at arriving at legal, political or policy decisions.
"It is of necessity that PNU, ODM, ODM-Kenya and other parliamentary political parties enter into constructive dialogue for a political solution," he said.
He defended the law enforcing agencies, saying they were using and will continue to use lawful means to ensure law and order was maintained.
The AG warned against targeting communities, saying this could result in serious crimes under international law, including genocide and crimes against humanity.
Wako said leaders should speak and act in a manner that contributed to peace.
The AG said the violent protests were degenerating into a catastrophe, adding that if left unchecked, they would destroy the nation’s economic and social fabric.
His statement came in the wake of revelations by the Electoral Commission of Kenya Chairman, Mr Samuel Kivuitu that poll irregularities in the presidential results could not be ruled out.
On Wednesday, Kivuitu revealed that he stumbled on a newly-filed result form from one of the constituencies whose documents were questioned by international observers and ODM.
It also comes at a time when hundreds of people have been killed and thousands displaced over post-election violence.

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juakaliman said...

bear in mind folks, the ODM fanatics rejected the call for a recount within minutes; and even though the recount would have occurred within the presence of 'international observers' and media. I label them as such because, in my judgement there is nothing as convincing that we as Africans are still held hostage by the colonists mentally. Think about it;if election observers from say Zambia or Malawi were to declare an election free and fair, that's still not enough. It has to pass the test and scrutiny of the EU and the U.S, or what is mostly referred to as the 'international community, which comprises of a bunch neo-colonists ranting and raving around the globe imposing their own standards ans perspectives upon others. I mean, did you see those colonists takingtally of the election results in Kenya? How often have you seen African Union election observers take tally and give press conferences in Norway's elections or in England fo example? The colonists have never quite gotten over the fact that they lost colonies in Africa and elsewhere; and that is precisely why the House of Commons frequently discusses former colonies issues and strategies. And if a colony is doing well and does not seem to want to depend upon the former slaveholders, that is enough to justify agitation on the part of the latter.See dependency theory!