Friday, January 25, 2008

hard facts

-- Economy to grow by 10 per cent by 2012. -- Free secondary education in public schools. -- Free treatment for all students in public schools. -- National Youth Commission to address youth challenges. -- Women to get 30 per cent civil service jobs and leadership positions. -- Intensify devolution of resources to lower levels. -- Prioritise investment of resources in infrastructure projects. -- Reduce poverty levels down to less than 20 per cent by 2012 -- Upgrade slums to decent houses. -- Enforce rules and ensure vigorous campaigns against corruption. -- Build hawkers' markets and small business parks in all towns.
Mwai Kibaki’s Development Report!.. “Kibaki’s Green Book”
ACHIVEMENTS IN JUST FOUR (4)YEARSOver 7.6 million children are currently enjoying primary education countrywide because of President Kibaki's policy of Free primary Education.More empowerment for Communities; Money goes to the grassrootsOver Ksh. 60 million transferred to each constituency annuallyo Constituency Development Fund (CDF)o Constituency Bursary Fundo Constituency Roads Fund o Constituency Aids Fundo Local Authorities Transfer Fund (Latf)Better and affordable health care:o Now Kenyans get free malaria and TB treatment in all public health facilities.o Children under five years receive free medical attention o Government gives 6 million treated mosquito nets free to wananchio HIV/Aids patients get free ARV'so 1,000 new dispensaries and health clinics builto Hospital management streamlinedo Medicines now available in all public health centres across the country o ALL health centres countrywide receive Ksh.180, 000 and dispensaries Ksh.240, 000 for rehabilitation.Water for lifeo Over 500 boreholes drilled across the countryo Over 600 dams completedo Over 230 water schemes completed countrywide o Water boards formed to ensure equitable supply of watero Piped water to be brought to all villageso Kenya 's annual economic growth recovers from 0.3 % in 2002 to 7.1 % in 2007o The more than 1.8 million Kenyans in Diaspora, do contribute more than $1 billion each year since 2003.o Tax collection increases drastically - towards self reliance; Kulipa ushuru, ni kujitegemea!Vision 2030 launched - Kenya is on the path to First World status Lighting up Kenya : Electricity now in every constituency & townso Over 160 rural electrification projects in 58 districts completedo All schools, colleges, village polytechnics, community health centres, markets, and administrative centres to be supplied with electricity o 1208 projects in 191 constituencies, 418 trading centres, 288 secondary schools,107 health centres,43 water projects,39 coffee factories,13 tea buying centre and 13 police stations will be completed by June 30th , 2007 at a cost of over Ksh.7 billion.o A further 324 rural electrification schemes in 162 constituencies will be completed by December, 2007 at a cost of over Ksh.2 billlion.o 63 schools in ASAL areas benefit from solar generated power at a cost of Ksh.178 milliono Ksh.67 million for Mukuru, Mathare, Kayole, Kangemi and Kamukunji electrification.o No more power rationing as a result of diversification of power sourceso New energy law to make electricity available to all o Agriculture revived hence more money for the farmero Prices of dairy milk grow from Ksh. 7 in 2002, to Ksh. 18 per litre, todayo Maize prices rise from Ksh. 600 in 2002 to Ksh.1,350 per 90kg bag nowo Coffee prices up from Ksh. 1 in 2002 to Ksh.35 per kg now (over 1000 per cent turnaround)o Sugar cane farmers paid on timeo Cotton farming revivedo Kenya becomes the third largest tea producer in the world o Livestock farming made profitable - over 12,000 beef cattle and over 10,000 heads of goats exported to the Middle East and Rwanda o Ksh. 322 million: the money Kenya has earned from livestock products exports so faro Ksh. 20 million: the amount the Kibaki government has used to revive the Garissa investigation laboratory for livestock disease control. North Eastern and Coast Provinces main beneficiarieso Ksh. 5 billion earned from fishing in 2006 aloneo AFC loans/grants offered to farmersMany many more improvements o Irrigation schemes rehabilitatedo Ahero and Bunyala Rice schemeso Mwea, West Kano and Pekerao Bura, Hola and many more ongoingHundreds of industries, factories revived and jobs created: o Kenya Cooperative Creameries (KCC)o Kenya Meat Commission (KMC)o Mumias Sugar Company,• Kenya Seed Company, and many more now back to operationMotivated and efficient Public serviceo Better pay for teachers and civil Servantso No more delayed salarieso Public service reforms ongoing Performance contracting increases efficiencyo Rapid Results Approach (RRA) yields faster implementation of projects for wananchio 200% increase in pension benefits; retirement no longer a nightmareo Over 100 stalled government projects (white elephants) completed. For example, o NYS headquarters on Thika Road ,o Nyanza Provincial Headquarterso Makueni District Headquarters and many othersAll Kenyans now benefit from government resourceso President Kibaki has allocated Ksh. 10.7 billion for the affirmative action plan for North Eastern Province as well as Moyale, Isiolo and Marsabit districtsSpecial economic plan launched for Coast Provinceo Distribution of resources based on population and affirmative action to guarantee development of previously neglected regions o Equality ensured in distribution of national wealthYouth recognised and empoweredo More investments mean more jobs for the youtho Kibaki creates Ministry of Youth Affairso Ksh.1 billion youth enterprise fund set up, employment opportunities created o National Youth Policy passed by parliamentWomen empowermento Women guaranteed at least a third of all public employment opportunitiesGender Commission createdo Maendeleo Ya Wanawake leaders to participate directly in all development committees at the local and national levels o Three months maternity leave women and 2 weeks for the meno Mothers & children recognized as key players in developmento Free treatment to children under 5 years old.Better roadso Over 40,000 Kms of roads maintained o Over 1,006 Kms tarmacked among them Kisii-Chemosit, Olenguruone- Kiptagich, Sultan-Hamud- Mtito-Andei, etco 35 major roads projects going on in various parts of the country among them Maahi Mahiu-Naivasha- Lanet, Maji ya Chumvi-Miritini and Machakos Turn off-Machakos Town . Feeder roads constructedo Safer roads due to sanity in the transport sectoro Seat belts, speed governors and other public transport reforms improve the sectoro Law and order on our roads restoredo Matatu operations streamlined Airports and airstrips upgraded. For example,o Kisumu Airport gets Ksh.2.6 billion facelift, NOW fish will be able to reach the market faster and Kisumu city will be Lake Victoria 's hub o Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) being refurbished at Ksh.9billiono Moi International Airport Mombasa upgraded at Ksh. 200milliono Garissa, Malindi airports and many others being redone countrywideLand Grabbing - corruption reduced by 30% o A comprehensive National Land Policy draftedo Ksh.400million set aside to resettle squatters and victims of tribal clasheso Title deeds issued to Coast Provinces' landless communitieso The problem of absentee landlords being tackledIt's a freer Kenyao The first leader in Kenya not to have political detaineeso Now all Kenyans enjoy their human rights without fearo No more torture. No more political prisonerso Nyayo house torture chambers formally closedo No more politically instigated expulsions in public universities o Living conditions for prisoners and prisons staff upliftedo You are a free citizen wherever you areo Media freedom ensured. Fm radio stations now talk openlyo Freedom of expression has been enhanced and now Kenyans can discuss any topics without fear. Yes, you can call the president names and go home and sleep! Official Recognition for Heroeso A statue in honor of Independence hero Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi constructed on Nairobi 's Kimathi streeto Paul Ngei and Bildad Kaggia mausoleums unveiled o Funds to establish Koitalel arap Samoei education centre allocated.o Heroes Corner establishedTowards Zero Tolerance to CorruptionoPublic Officers Ethics Act enacted, now all public servants declare their wealth annually. o Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission set upo Corrupt people prosecutedo New Procurement law enacted to check corruption in public tendering processTourism grows by over 30 per cento Ksh. 48.9 billion earned from the sector with local tourism gradually growingJobs createdo Kenyan hotels operating at 100% capacityo Direct flights to the Far East and China by Kenya Airways bring more touristso KICC rehabilitated and is now a leading centre for conference tourismo Maasai Mara declared one of the seven wonders of the world - Ksh 3 billion Narok road to Maasai Mara Game Reserve under construction Media freedom enhancedo 16 television stations licensedo 30 FM stations operatingo 50 regional FM stations licensedo Freedom of information Bill before Parliament o Media vibrant and free to discuss topics without fearTelecommunications growo More than 260,000 fixed telephone lineso More than 6 million Kenyans now own mobile phones o Telecommunication has been diversified and now an internet lease line is in the pipelineo Fibre optic networks infrastructure under construction nationwideCo-operative sector revivedo 10,800 cooperative societies registered o 98 per cent of co-operatives hold democratic electionso 6 million: the number of Kenyans in the co-operative movemento Ksh. 105 billion ( 31% of the total national savings) mobilized by the sector so far Cities beautified and cleaned upo Street lighting installed in Nairobio Roads markedo Trees plantedo Landscaping doneo Mombasa clean-up and beautification undertaken
Traders receive supporto President Kibaki directs the construction of modern markets for hawkers in all the major urban centres o Ksh.1 billion construction work begins at Nairobi 's Muthurwao Jua kali sector supportedTremendous investment growtho Conducive business environment created o Onestop shop for business licensingo Ksh 89.4 billion worth of investment licences processed by the Kenya Investment Authorityo Small and micro enterprises (SME's) fund created o Leading multinationals such as Nokia and Coca cola open headquarters in KenyaSecurityo Pay rise for the police o Community policing takes rooto New vehicles and modern communication equipment for rapid responseo Police trained on human rights and customer care serviceo Safer streets- no more muggings in Nairobi streetsAnd many many more improvements as a result of President Mwai Kibaki's good leadership.Truly, things have become better and they are going to get even better For additional achievements Kibaki is the real benefits for all Kenyans....Manufaa halisi kwa wakenya wotePresident Kibaki's re-election platform can be summed up in two phrases: doing well and doing better.
For the last two weeks, the President has come out of the comforts of State House to remind Kenyans that he has set the foundation and that he should be given another five years to complete it. The bottom line is to strive to limit, in as much as possible, the degree of poverty, disease and ignorance. And in their place, bring about enterprise, robust health and knowledge for development. States the President of his score card since 2003: "My Government has waged successful battles against each one of the three adversaries, and achieved meaningful victories for the Kenyan people.The Party of National Unity (PNU) flag bearer, states that the economy will grow at 7 per cent by the end of the year, poverty levels have come down from 56 per cent to 46 per cent (approximately 2 million people out of abject poverty), over 1.8 million jobs created, and per capita income grown from $400 to $600. Since he took over power, President Kibaki reckons that 1.7 million children have joined school through the Free Primary Education, reduced prevalence of HIV and Aids from 13 per cent to 6 per cent, started a Sh1 billion youth fund and a Sh2 billion women fund. In addition, 30 per cent of all jobs in the civil service have been set aside for women, hospitals are fully equipped with drugs and personnel. In line with its campaign slogan -Kazi na iendelee (Work must continue) - PNU is making further pledges to the public as it seeks President Kibaki's re-election. It has pledged to ensure that the economic growth rate has grown to 10 per cent and reduce poverty levels by 30 per cent - below 20 per cent - by the year 2012. President Kibaki promises to take FPE a notch higher by introducing Free Secondary Education in all public schools. The school-going children will, also, benefit from free treatment and drugs in public health facilities. Previously, it was only children under five years of age who benefited from the policy. Similar support, PNU pledges, will go to slum children non-formal primary schools, nomadic areas and the disabled. To tackle the section of the population - the youth - that opinion polls has shown prefers the opposition, the President promises to set up national youth commission to address their needs in addition to the Sh1 billion fund. His next Government will build hawkers' markets, Jua kali and small business parks in all town in the country to meet their concerns.He promises: "The last five years saw us change the economy from a no-jobs economy into one with many jobs. We have just started to bake the cake, and it is becoming bigger by the day. We will grow this cake into a huge one under my stewardship with enough slices for everyone." THE ACHIEVEMENTS ARE SELF EXPLANATORY LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTIONNOR PLAN-B. WE WILL AND WE MUST SUCCEED!!

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