Friday, January 4, 2008

flamboyant but 'humble' at heart? think again

What does an overly flamboyant business tycoon running around in a $100,000 hummer tell you? That he's more likely to squander state resources as massively as he does his own resources. The folks Raila calls his opponents have much more personal worth than him; yet, they don't go to shantytowns like Kibera showing their wealth while depicting demagogy of the highest order feeding on the frustrations of the poor masses, promising anything from hand outs to more social entitlements. The reality that the ODM will never want to accept is that nation has done excellent in terms of economic growth as well as socially. Last year's real GDP expansion was an impressive 7.2%. I will remind you, Kenya's real GDP expansion before Kibaki was a wicked -2% the year 2002. We have managed to make massive gains providing free education, and also affordable healthcare. It's a sad situation when ODM rallies around itself poor masses that have been force fed the notion that one group, the Kikuyus have been the 'ruling class' hence benefitting from state resources at the expense of all others. That is pure nonsense. The Kikuyu community was egregiously marginalised by the Moi administration and no one went around killing others when that happened, or even when it was obvious that Moi rigged elections both in 1992 and 1997. There were no Kalenjin businesses burnt or looted. Recently, when Mwai Kibaki was down by about a million votes, there were no reported fracas in the Kibaki strongholds. Demagogues will not salvage the paupers in Kibera or Mathare. Running around in an extremely expensive hummer, in an 'at your face, do you notice me?' manner, in my judgement, needs not appeal to people who honestly deserve to be heard. And people who go into an election having declared that any other outcome than their victory is not acceptable are themselves phonies whose only interest is power. There is only speculation that votes were rigged, but that remains specualation, and it's widely accepted that if that happened, no one here, both the Pentagon? and the PNU, are angels. This is only my opinion, but what is the worst case scenario with another Kibaki term? Free high school education, an almost guaranteed 6-7% real GDP expansion annually, more confidence in foreign investors in Kenya, a booming construction sector, tourism as well as the securities market. Kenya's economy has emerged from a moribund economy to a powerhouse in just five years, and business leaders are rightly worried by any potential leadership of a left wing, neo-communist radical whose son is named Fidel Castro.

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