Friday, January 4, 2008

raila sio mzalendo

Raila's leadership has to be questioned . The man has a problem .How come there is always trouble and disagreement where he is involved . That says something about the man .We cant blame other leaders its time Luos took a hard look at the kind of leaders they chose to represent them case in example 1.Original FORD-raila and his father refusing to support masinde muliro2.FORD-Kenya-raila clashing and disagreeing with kijana wamalwa3.NDP-trouble with NDP Founder eventually kicked out by raila4.KANU-raila disagreeing with Moi 5.NARC-raila disagreeing with Kibaki 6.ODM -raila disagreeing with KalonzoYou cant tell us that everyone has a problem but raila ,that all those politicians were bad and that raila has always been right .what kind of leadership would raila bring to kenya if he cant agree with anyone .With him its always my way or the highway, that is not the kind of leader that kenya needs .In as much as we need a strong leader we need a leader who is able to listen to other leaders and what the country is saying .Raila is simply not that man .Yes the luo community has been marginalized but it has been marginalized by Raila for his own goals and ambitions
There is a desperation in Raila's luos supporters for a luo presidency that has led to the kind of crude and ugly tribalism we see on this forum.Raila and his sycophants cannot campaign on Raila's record of failure.Raila as an Mp has failed Kibera under his leadership it has become the largest and worst slum in africa. Kibera's dirt and squalor are now an international tourist attraction.In Bondo and Luo Nyanza while Raila held sway as the undisputed king of the luo poverty multiplied and nyanza became the second poorest province in Kenya. This situation has only improved during Kibaki's tenure Nyanza is rebounding due to the efforts of Kibaki and people like Tuju.Raila record includes failed campaigns for president, a failed coup an attempt to install a luo dictatorship on Kenyans. In general failure is Raila's legacy.Then Raila is dogged by a corrupt past. Stolen money from luo thrift, he swindled luos out of luo union money and kisumu development trust funds.Raila corruptly obtained a mollasses plant for selling out luos to Moi.Raila when he was given the energy ministry impoverished Kenyans by swindling billions of shillings with his nigerian buddies most of which went to the Nigerians. Raila even failed in his corruption ventures and was cheated by the nigerians out of the bulk of the skimmed money.Therefore Raila and his desperate luo sycophants can only campaign by trying to tear down kibaki. They spread lies that kibaki has done nothing. They deny obvious development. They gnash their teeth and cry over economic development claiming they are not getting their share.Then raila and his luo sycophants are trying to create a tsunami of hate in Kenya against kikuyus with lies and propaganda. Hoping that if Kenyans are split into tribal cocoons Raila will stand a chance of bringing the presidency to luos.I can only say this there are many good and honest luos who disagree with Raila's strategy. Hatred will not propel Raila or luos to the presidency . We will simply get another Raila failure.The bad blood and tribalism that Raila has planted will live on long after he is defeated. This tsunami of tribalism is bad for luos, bad for kikuyus and bad for all Kenyans.

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